FSX Missions: Secret Shuttle

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As a new Captain for a secret airline that doesn’t officially exist, you’re about to take workers on an early morning flight from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (KLAS) to an air base at Groom Lake. To avoid a paper trail, the flight takes place under Visual Flight Rules. The route takes you west from […]


X Plane 11.20 Native VR AeroSphere Piper Seminole G1000 VR Review Oculus Rift

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X Plane 11.20 Native VR AeroSphere Piper Seminole G1000 VR Review Oculus Rift. Here’s a look at how the AeroSphere Piper Seminole G1000 functions in X Plane Native VR Preview/Beta. Flying X Plane 11.20VR1 with Oculus Rift. ★ PC Specs ► i7-6700, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2, 32GB RAM, SSDs ★ Patreon ► https://www.patreon.com/BambinoGames ★ […]


Prepar3D + GTX 1050 TI + Gráficos increíbles.

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Probando prepar3d version V3 con tarjeta gráfica GTX 1050 TI. Gráficos realmente increíbles Si te gusta la aviación y quieres aprender mas mira mas de mis videos. Descargar gratis Medellin fotoreal SKMD aquí: http://ceesty.com/wt0k3G ****************************************** ¿Qué quieres saber? ¿Quieres saber como volar perfectamente en IVAO? ingresa aquí:https://youtu.be/jN5hZusSYH8 ¿Quieres saber como instalar iVAO? ingresa aquí:https://youtu.be/012fFZHaXRs ¿Quieres […]


[FlightGear] Mountain Rescue at Dufourspitze

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A winter time mountain rescue on the icy slopes of Dufourspitze for a climber with an altitude sickness. Location: LSEZ – Dufourspitze – LSEZ Simulation: FlightGear 2016.3.1 FlightGear Home Aircraft: A work in progress MBB/Kawasaki BK117 by Flight Gear UK Head tracking: TrackHat Clip Head tracking kit http://www.trackhat.org/#!trackhat-shop/cfk4 Trackhat opentrack 1.2p4 http://www.trackhat.org/#!trackhat-opentrack/c1jzc vJoy 2.1.7 Build […]