FSX: Steam Edition on Sale!

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FSX: Steam Edition and multiple add ons are now on sale until 3rd April! (23) Related posts: FSX: Steam Edition – My Further Thoughts A2A Cessna 182 Skylane Full review including flight dynamics FSX | FSX Steam | P3D FSX Steam Edition – Landing in a Dust storm with Active Sky Next! FSX [HD] – […]


X-Plane 11 | Non-Towered to Class D | VFR Training [Pilotedge CAT-02]

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Pilotedge CAT-02: Non-Towered to Class D Non-towered to a Class D airport without flight following (L88-KSBP) Addons used ———————————————————————————- Cessna 172 (Default) Xenviro Weather Ortho4XP (HD Photo Real Scenery Pilotedge ATC Network X-Camera Support / Connect with me & my community ————————————— Follow on Instagram @iamblugames Follow on Twitch @iamblugames Follow on Twitter @iamblugames Patreon: […]


Taxi+Take off+Tour+Landing! Whangarei Airport Orbx! Prepar3D V4!

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My first full tour off an Orbx addon, it was fun to do so that’s why I uploaded it, it was also my first time seeing the whole picture off airport and surroundings, before I just took off from the airport without having a close look at things… Sorry for the strange external sounds where […]


Demo of the Anaglyph 3D Effect in Flightgear

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Just showing off the anaglyph 3D that comes with the flight simulator Flightgear. Mind the landing though. I was using real world weather and it was really windy in San Francisco, so I had a strong head wind as you can see by the stiff windsock (giggity). At least it wasn’t a strong tail wind […]